Monday, September 19, 2011

Yellow and Green

I was supposed to update this blog yesterday, but because the weather was cloudy and that it rained in the afternoon, internet has been a big pain in the bottoms. :) So... this means I'd post a two-in-one post for today.


This yellow/black bird was something I saw when we visited Bohol's biggest python. Since many wanted to get up close to the snake and had their pictures taken, we decided to leave the cage after we had our turn. Some of our companions still had to take their turn, and because there were other animals around, I went to take more pictures. The cage of this kind of bird (there were about 5 birds in the cage) was located somewhere people can't see at first glance, I just had to thank their yellow feathers that quickly caught my attention.

This picture was pretty much SOOC, and I really loved how my point and shoot camera was able to create that depth of field even if I was shooting on "auto" mode (because I asked mom to take a picture of me near the snake). Actually, as long as there's enough source of light, this camera of mine can do wonders. :)

By the way... I was pretty amazed, too, that even if the space between the chicken wires were quite small, zooming in on the bird made me eliminate the traces of wire. :)


For my Green Monday post, I share to you some stuff inside my loot bag when I attended the Blogapalooza at Bonifacio High Street last Saturday. The loot bag had so much stuff in it, but I noticed I grouped a few green colored items close to each other, so before I placed the items back in the loot bag, I took this picture first.

Yeah, Christmas came early to me (and 149 other bloggers) this year. :)