Saturday, September 24, 2011

Made for Each Other

Saturdays are my lazy blog days. I am online everyday, but during weekends, I just find myself either watching videos or just browse all sorts of websites I can hop into.

Today, I told myself I am going to blog, but right after doing the laundry, I just went in my room (which is more of a storage room than a bedroom because I abandoned it a few years ago - I sleep on the living room floor) and started cleaning it. It ate my entire afternoon, and because I feel quite tired, I was thinking of not blogging, but I decided to make this post just before I call it a day.

Pink / Lavender

Whenever I go to the weekend market, I spend hours taking pictures of the flowers because our own garden doesn't have that much flowering plants. Since I don't get to visit the market that often, I do make sure my camera's memory card has enough space to save nearly a hundred pictures because I do take pictures of a particular flower over and over.

Pink and lavender are my favorite colors. They just look so good together, and even this flower didn't look that fresh (too many dark speckles), just seeing a flower having two of my favorite colors was enough to make me take a picture of it.

It's been month since I last went to the weekend market and I do miss it. I really should convince the girls (mom and sis) to go there soon.

Life and then Som

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