Sunday, April 20, 2008

Restroom Vanities

I admire people who can take pictures in front of the mirror. Reason for that is because I can't take good pictures of myself looking in the mirror. I find my face a bit awkward - and I don't know where to look at!

We don't have a big mirror in the house, so the only way I can practice doing this when sister and I are in the mall, for most restrooms have big mirrors. When we were in Gateway Mall (Cubao, Quezon City), I asked sister if we can try take pictures in front of the mirror and here's the outcome:

This one's taken using my cell phone. Do note how my sister seem to have mastered this thing, and I definitely looked awkward.

This one was taken by my sister's cell phone - she's using Motorola RAZRV3X. In this picture, although I looked a bit okay, my phone was covering part of my face!

Which now leads me to these questions: how can I take a much better picture in front of the mirror? How should I hold the camera? I guess I have to go in a big mirrored place to practice more on this one.

*** Jenn ***


Vannie said...

ahaha weird, i have a k800 my sis has a motorola just like that ^_^

shutter happy jenn said...

ay oo nga no? same tayo, cute coincidence!

Anonymous said...

One way that I have found that helps is to use one of those bathroom vanities that have the raised sink. you can put the camera on the sink and take the picture from that angle. It will look like you are looking at the camera through the mirror, and so will teach yourself where to look in future camera mirror sessions. they look like this: