Monday, May 12, 2008

My New Partner

Happy to announce that I no longer have to waste time worrying how will I pack in pictures into my cell phone's 50MB internal memory! Just last Friday, I went over the photo shop to get the camera we ordered -- a Canon Powershot A580 digital camera.

I was acutally surprised when my mom decided to buy this camera, but more than surprised, I was ecstatic and happy about it. I will be embarking on a trip before the month ends, so I definitely need a camera that can take lots and lots of pictures! I am happy mom personally chose this model because I loved that 8 megapixels and the pre-selcted themes for easy change of themes for different shooting needs.

We bought this camera in Picture City (SM Fairview), and since Canon is having a promo, we got a free 2GB SD memory card, a camera pouch, and a voucher for a free swimwear from Folded and Hung. My sister will be the one getting the swimwear, because she's the only one who can wear the swimwear. Hehehe. Mom paid for the camera, while I bought the batteries.

Us three girls (mom, sis, and I) own the camera. Because brother's digital camera is dysfunctional at the moment and he is based in La Union anyway, we really need a camera we could use for our own little moments. For sure it's going to be me who's the main photographer, but I am sure sister would also be kind enough to take my pictures should the need arise. Sister used the camera first, but the very first shot was taken by me, and I will share the image tomorrow.

Here's to more shutter happy moments!

*** Jenn ***