Monday, June 23, 2008


The weekend (especially Sunday) left us with nothing to do because of there was no electricity from 6 in the morning 'til 10 PM! *** Full story can be read here *** This particular picture was taken around 4:30PM, while we were preparing for our late lunch / early dinner. We only had one big candle on our dinner table because we didn't want to waste that much candles -- we weren't sure if the electricity would take long before it came back.

weekend snapshots


I took this one using our digital camera (Canon Powershot A580) in manual mode: no flash, colors on vivid. Thanks for dropping by.

*** Jenn ***


ladyinpurple/jazzie said...

Check the blogroll to see your 4 blogs

Indrani said...

Powercuts a common occurence here too!

ScroochChronicles said...

Looks romantic :D


SandyCarlson said...

Oh dear! What a bummer. You got a great shot,though!

thess said...

Hi Jenn,

looked cozy! :)

Anah said...

Great shot! :)

Thanks for dropping by.



Lou said...

Very nice, it wouldn't look as this good if you used the flash. Good choice.

Take care,

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