Monday, June 09, 2008

My First Night Macro

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Night Macro

One of the images I took on Aunt Julie's birthday, I took this one while we're walking to the Hen Haw Chinese Restaurant located in the National Highway. I know it's hard to take a Macro Shot in the dark -- I cannot check the image if it's clear or not because the red Xenon flash would light up the subject. Aunt Julie and brother dear were walking fast, so in fears they might leave me, I just aimed and shoot.

When I transferred the pictures on the computer, I found the picture 50% good and 50% not. I was hoping the front of the flower would be clear and the one behind a bit blurred, but turns out, the one in front was blurred and the one behind was clear. Nevertheless, I still liked the image -- of course I took it! =) Well, first times are always prone to many mistakes, it's in that stage that we were still starting to learn about things, so I see huge potential that the next time I do macro shot at night, I will be able to do it more nicely.

I uploaded this image on my Flickr site, and a few days after I uploaded it, I received a comment from an administrator of a Flickr Group called "Night Macro" and would like to add this image in their group's photo pool. According to him, I could try putting a semi-transparent object over the flash to decrease the flash's power. Hmmm... I might actually do that next time! I guess beauty is indeed on the eyes of the beholder. I am 50/50 about this image, yet an administrator of a group that does night macro liked it. Yey for me!

*** Jenn ***


Indrani said...

It is a good photo, and these are Lantana flowers.

Lynn said...

I find it good too and congratulations for that commendation on your photo. :)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

Hi Jenn! it's a great shot! :)

thanks for visiting! i've added this blog as well in my WS buddies blogroll! Happy WS! :)

Jean Chia

Yen said...

That's a great shot! :)

Bela said...

wow, great shot for a first time nigth macro shot..

mine is up. hope you can check it out.

Standing Tall

Jeanne said...

great shot

visit my WS too here

Reflexes said...

lovely subject.

Nina Lumberio said...

nice. i love macro shots. my hubby gave me a macro lens as birthday gift but i haven't really tried shooting yet :)

Lou said...

Yes, you can use Kleenex actually.


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