Wednesday, July 30, 2008

B = Bags from Bicol

For this week's ABC Wednesday, I will show two different pictures with one common link: bag!

Hand me Down Bag

This bag was given to me by my mom last April when we attended Cousin Nharlyn's wedding. She noticed that the bag I had was so small and wouldn't fit any so she gave me this. She bought this one from our neighbor for only 300 pesos (approx. 9 USD) and is made from abaca fiber.

Photo shot by sister. Thanks, sis!

Gift - Bag

This bag is a present to me on my 28th birthday. Given by Charmy (the same neighbor who sold the bag to mom in the first picture), she said that she knew I love pink and lavender so she gave me this. It matched my birthday outfit, and I loved it! =) Charmy's boyfriend Jay hails from Bicol Province, so whenever he has the chance to come to his hometown or his mother would travel, they would take some Bicol products to sell.

This one is a self-portrait to show off the presents I received that day. =)

I love bags like these because it speaks about my country's creativity and ingenuity. Both pictures were shot using Sony Ericsson K800i, set to auto.

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Bear Naked said...

That pink and lavender bag is adorable.

Bear((( )))

Pretty Life Online said...

nice catch for Wordless! I am a bag-addict tooo....Mine's up too hope you can drop by.. Happy WW!

Karen said...

Both bags are gorgeous but I have to say, I think the second bag is TOO CUTE! What fun gifts!

Write From Karen

magiceye said...

Beautiful Bags for a lovely Blogger!

Gemma said...

It is so enjoyable for me to go through ABCWednesday's photos from around the world!

Princess Vien said...

great photos!!

Mine is up!!

Happy WW!!