Sunday, July 20, 2008

Budbud Kabog

This week's La.Pi.S theme is "soft." At first I thought I don't have a picture of any soft foods in my files, but I am happy to spot this one:

Budbud Kabog

Like what's written on the label, this is the Budbud Kabog, a Visayan delicacy made from millet seeds. Brother was the first one who learned about this food, when a co-Singles for Christ told him about it and he was instantly interested about it, and when he read from his Food Magazine that this delicacy is being sold in the Salcedo Village weekend market, he was looking forward to taste it.

My friend LJ, who lives in Dumaguete told me that although this delicacy is from their region, very few places sell this one because it was a tedious food to make. I don't know what millet seeds are, but they told it looks like bird feed seeds. They take out the outer cover of the seeds and are made into this delicacy.

When the family went to the Salcedo Village weekend market for the first time December last year, we initially bought 2 pieces. It was a bit expensive at 25 pesos each, and because we still had no idea how it tasted we just bought 2. Mom was the one who ate the first one, and she really loved it. She said it's the best tasting suman she has ever tasted! True enough it was really delicious! It is very moist and very soft, even if you don't have teeth, you will surely enjoy eating this! Before we left the market place we bought 4 more for the road! =)

The pictures in this post, however were taken last 28 June 2008, when I went to the same marketplace. There were different variants of the delicacy -- there's the mango flavored one and there's also chocolate, and the kiosk owner is kind enough to give you a free sampling of each of the flavors to help you decide which you want to buy.

Suman Galore!

I can't pinpoint which are which... but I am sure all are delicious! I didn't take a free tasting of the delicacies because I might end up buying more than I should! =)

Get well soon, Ces!

*** Jenn ***


ces said...

that mango flavored sounds really interesting! and all the others look good too! haven't had one and it's really quite expensive, huh? but maybe really worth what you're paying for:) so this is categorized as suman too, right?

Me, the islands and the world said...

That looks quite good. I like sumans and each time i travel around Pinas, for sure, I'd try any suman I could encounter hehehe! but I haven't tried this yet though. I'll go check Salcedo Village market next time I get near the vicinity. I wonder though what other place could I get to try this?

shutter happy jenn said...

ces - yes, this is suman. =)

me, the islands & the world - i don't know where else, but if ever you get the chance to go to dumaguete, my friend said it's available at the airport. maybe in visayan provinces, you can check if it's available.

Pete Rahon said...

katakamtakam... at the church though a kababayan made a biko using red sticky rice (Korean variety)... ang sarap is so nice to see Kosians (Korean-Pinoy) children eating and liking it as well.

Dexie said...

looks good. been a while since I had suman. Yummm.

Em Dy said...

It's funny how suman has evolved. Now we have them in different flavors. I remember tasting flavored suman for the first time very well. It felt so good.

BTW, I laughed out loud about your statement regarding teeth. You're right. Since suman is sticky, people with teeth might even have a harder time.

JMom said...

oh those different varieties look delicious! I have never heard of this type of suman before. I would be very curious to try it.

iska said...

i have always suman... kahit anong klase!

mirage2g said...

I never knew about this type of food until now...thanks!

Suman or kakanin? seems a combination of both....kakaiba talaga ang pinoy pagdating sa pagkain! Pahingi naman!