Monday, July 21, 2008

Hitchin' a Ride

First time to join Odd Shots Monday meme! I have been seeing this meme in several blogs, and wanted to join the minute I saw it, but it was just now that I joined the bandwagon because I didn't think I have that much odd shots to submits. I am still a bit worried if I can feed the meme every Monday from here on out, but hopefully I can. This is one interesting meme that I just want to be part of.

For my initial offering...


This was taken last March, when we visited daddy's grave for his first death anniversary. We went to eat lunch at the cemetery (sort of a picnic), and we all know how dull and boring cemeteries can be, and for it to be lunch time, all of us got nothing to do.

Brother saw one of the cemetery's staff drive the containers that hold soil (to be used during burials), and maybe because he was so bored and wanted to do something to spark up his day, he asked me to take pictures as he sneaked up and hitched a ride on the trailers. Mom and our aunts wanted to stop brother, but he was out there running and there was just no way to stop him... and me, for taking the shots.

The trailers were a bit far and I didn't want the driver to know I was taking a picture, so I just zoomed the camera to get my shot. After I took the first shot, I signaled "OK!" to my brother, but as soon as he got off the trailer, this happened:

Oh Boy!

Instead of just sneaking, brother got busted because the trailer got unhooked! All of us were laughing so hard we just couldn't stop! Imagine how you would feel if you were my brother... oh my! But of course, the driver was kind enough to tell that the trailers weren't really that secured so he understood what happened.

Normally, it should be one photo meme, but they allow two photos to show the oddness of the picture. I am not sure if this one is allowed, though, but I hope it's allowed. I need to post these two pictures because these two pictures just go together.

Taken using brother's Canon Poweshot A460 digital camera, set to auto, zoomed 4 times.

Have a great week ahead, thanks for stopping by!

*** Jenn ***


Lynn said...

That Odd Shot picture meme is interesting too. :) Anyway, your kitten is (or should I say was) really adorable. Bright eyes.

Aileni said...

An odd moment for your brother but I'm sure there was 'Laughter in Paradise'.

John said...

Great odd shots!

imac said...

Hey I like this, good on your brother to think about causing a laugh at a sad time to brighten all your spirits up.
Thanks for visiting my blog,and your kind comments, pop in any time.

dot said...

Enjoyed your odd shot post. The green trailers made a great picture and brother helped out too!

diane cook said...

What a funny thing to do. Obviously your brother has a great sense of humor. Thanks for stopping by. Will see you next week =)

Paulie said...

At first, odd shots only allowed one photo but then she changed the rules to allowing a couple if they were related so you are fine.

You said you didn't have many odd shots. . . hmmmmmmm you sure started off with a bang!