Saturday, August 09, 2008


I already posted the one picture I had taken during a brown out, so I had to think of another picture. I spotted this pictures of my cats and I say, "Why not?"

photo hunt

Paborito and Pogi

Paborito (the big one) used to have a problem with the kittens, but after quite sometime, he has gotten used with the new additions in the family. I think it was Pogi (the kitten) that changed Paborito's view because Pogi would always come to Paborito, maybe because of their color. Pogi would always think Paborito is his mother and always prefer to sleep next to his Uncle Paborito. At first Paborito would pounce on the kitten, but Pogi's persistence melted Paborito's heart. Soon after, they would sleep together, and what's funny is that sometimes Pogi would nudge his head in Paborito's tummy trying to suck some milk. =) Of course that would annoy Paborito. They're so cute, eh?

Right now, Paborito's having problems again with the kittens coming near him, so this not-so-good-shot is considered "priceless." I do love seeing them like that -- a big black cat sleeping next to a small black kitten. Whenever I saw them like this, I can't help but feel good.

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mama meji said...

Hi Jenn. Cute cats. We have cats but they are mostly in white furs.

BTW,I've read about the xlinks in your page and I would love to be added to your blogroll. BTW, I have already added you to my blogrolls - all four of your blogs.

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Ladynred said...

These are adorable cats...soooo dark. Perfect for the theme.

bingskee said...

what lovely names for cats. our cats are named tigra, karen, dagul, karenina, tomas and dora.

i love their color. aside from being perfect for the theme, they look very nice and cuddly.

Photo Cache said...

I thought the photo hunt theme this week was difficult. I enjoy the fact that you featured a critter.