Friday, August 22, 2008

My Pepperoni Pasta

Pepperoni Pasta

I really love pasta and I have done all sorts of experiment try out different ways to make my spaghetti eating a lot more exciting, and one time, I was craving for some spaghetti, but the only "meat" we had was the pepperoni, and because mom and I were about to leave for our 4 days vacation in her hometown, we didn't do any grocery shopping - hence no spaghetti sauce as well.

Using just the pepperoni and chopped up tomatoes and some milk, I came up with this. Sister said it tasted good and she wanted to taste it again. Yesterday, I came up with another pasta sauce with pepperoni slices, but is in a way different from this one. I will share it next week, for now, I think this experimental spaghetti dish will do. How did I cook it? I just sauteed the usual garlic, onions, and chopped tomatoes (I forgot to peel it. Hehehe) , added the pepperoni and the milk and waited until it curdled a bit. I am not good in giving out directions, maybe with the other sauce, I'd do a more elaborate explanation.

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Nona said...

Uy food!! na rin dito kahit hindi lahok ng LP.
Pareho tayo mahilig din ako sa pasta at madalas mag-e-experiment din ng mga ingredients and sauces.Sarap di ba? :)

mirage2g said...

WOW! that loks so creamylicious!!!

Napaghahalata ang mga mahilig kumain, nangunguna si Nona sa comment o! Joke lang ganda ;-)

maiylah said...

i love experimenting with my pasta too, sis ... haven't tried it with pepperoni yet. so far the family loves the one with puttanesca sauce. i don't make mine from scratch though. lol. usually bili ako nung ready-made sauces and then just add some more stuffs. :)

almost lunch na, sis, and this is making me hungry! :D

thanks for playing, sis! really appreciate it. :)