Friday, August 22, 2008

Wines to Celebrate

To celebrate the change coming on this blog, I did answered this wine quiz. I don't know what's with wine and why is it associated with celebrating, but I guess people all over the world celebrate something with wine on the side. I am not that much of a wine drinker, but if someone offered a toast, I will gladly accept it.

Did you know you can also give a Give the Gift of Personalized WIne? Yes, you can certainly can. And what a nice idea for a gift that is! Not only was this a perfect wedding gift or a send-off gift for someone who would be relocating already, it's also a nice Christmas gift. Well, it might still be August now, but pretty soon, Christmas is just around the corner, and instead of us cramming and going through the hassles of going to a very crowded mall to shop for that gift, you can actually just have some personalized wine -- custom labeled to your preference. I am sure anyone would be delighted to receive one.

The Connoisseur do just that -- personalizing the wine you want to give as gifts. They have a wide range of different wines to suit anyone's taste. So whether you want to give out the receiver's favorite wine, or you want your receiver to have a taste of your favorite wine, you can certainly do that. Actually, one doesn't really have to drink it. That's one of the wonders of having wines, you can either drink it or just display it, and it still would be great. And of course, you have the choice which type of wine you want to be personalized. If you ask me, I'd go for Dom Perignon champagne, but like what I have said, there are other types as well. I think this'll be a perfect gift for our close neighbors, I am thinking of giving the wines plus a family portrait I personally took. I am not that great of a photographer, but I think a framed family picture next to a personalized wine (with their family name on it) would be great gift. Wine is often times labeled as "ageless," and that "it grows better with age," and I think it would be a wonderful symbolism for friendship and relationships with the family.

To that one who thought of this, thumbs up to you.

*** Jenn ****