Thursday, September 11, 2008

Belated Happy Grandparents' Day

At this point, I don't have any grandparents left, but last Sunday, all the grandchildren celebrated Grandparents' day. I could say that I never really have that much fond memories with my grandparents as they lived far from where we live, but of course, I do have some cherished moments with them.

It was a real sad thing that I never really got to know more of my grandparents the way my other cousins knew them. My mom's father died just last year, and had I known about this Medical Alert products available for elderly people, I sure would have gotten one for my grandfather. We all know that sometimes elderly people tend to become forgetful and even if we watch over them, sometimes accidents could happen. If they have the alert on, then we could be assured that we will know if something happens - but of course that's not an excuse not to look after our dear grandparents, right?

I think all of us who have elderly family members need to have a Medical Alert. Tragedy can strike everywhere, and we just have to be always on alert should an accident comes. Actually, it's not at all about the tragedies, but sometimes, elderly folks could wander off and because they're forgetful, they might not know how to get back home. If they have an alert just like that one from Brick House Alert, for sure we can find track on them because of their GPS enabled alerts.

To those who still have their grandparents, good for you. It's really sad not having grandparents, so while they're still around, I hope we could treat them with utmost respect and love. They're the reasons why we have our parents, so it's just fine that we recognize them, too.

To all grandparents, belated Happy Grandparents' Day!

*** Jenn ***


kouji said...

a belated happy grandparents day indeed. i have only one grandparent left, so she's in my thoughts.

shutter-happy said...

I believe my grandma is the greatest woman on this earth. Between hearing about the life she's led, receiving the unconditional love she gives, and being stuffed by her wonderful cooking, we are so blessed to still have her here with us.

We sent her a card and photos this grandparents' day, but we can't wait to drive down to see her next month!