Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can I Be a Good Photographer?

I was chatting with a friend sometime ago and he told me that I have the eye for photography. Being a newbie with no formal training, I can't help but smile that someone admires my shots. He suggested I should buy those high-end cameras, but at the moment, I still cannot attend to that. I told him it's very expensive to own a DSLR at this point, but I do agree that he has a point that owning one could be a good investment. He said maybe in time I could make a business out of it - either by putting up a studio or becoming a freelance photographer.

Honestly, I am dreaming of that. Like Grasyah, an online friend in Multiply, she also dreams of owning her own studio. Good for her, she already started learning the techniques because she already owns the camera. I only use point and shoot, and sometimes, my cell phone. If only I could have a Business Loan from a company just like EZUnsecured.com that has fast funding, with excellent service, and easy process, I might plunge right in. But then, I guess before I could open a new chapter in my life and be pursue that track, I really have to make sure it is what I wanted so that nothing is wasted.

I guess right now, I would just enjoy owning the camera that I have. Maybe in time I could get to meet a friend who owns a DSLR and let me borrow it so I could explore it, and if I liked the feeling, then I might push through. Business Loans are very serious matters, and I, for one, have to be very sure that what I am embarking on is something I won't regret.

*** Jenn ***


shutter-happy said...

An expensive camera does not make a good photographer.
A better investment would be some studying... training your eye to truly understand lighting, composure, etc.
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