Monday, September 01, 2008

Rusted and Abandoned


Lovers? Lovers?

When we went to Fort Santiago last Aug 09, This metal sculpture really caught my attention. It was good, and wonderfully done, yes, but I still cannot think what this kind of sculpture is doing in a place like that. For those who don't know, Fort Santiago is where the national hero, Jose P. Rizal was imprisoned before his execution in Luneta more than 100 years ago. The place is rather big, and somewhere is this old abandoned building with these sculptures in front.

I am really impressed at how the sculpture was made, but because it was already abandoned, I wasn't able to see any information about it. How I wish I knew who created this and what's the message behind it. If somebody knows information about the sculpture, just feel free to inform me. Thanks!

*** Jenn ***

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magiceye said...

beautiful sculpture indeed!

Daryl said...

this would have worked with Dot's theme blog ...

Interestingly odd


Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow these are neat amazing what people can up with

Katney said...

It mus thave been quite dramatic, as it still is. I wonder why it was abandoned, as it still looks intact. Rust isn't everything.