Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chef Jennifer? Why Not?

Chef Pixie Sevilla-Santos

When I put up my travel blog, I noticed that I have been checking out different restaurants and food events to supply entries for the blog. With so many food pictures taken, mom has already told me to go look for culinary schools so I could be the one people would come to instead of me attending the events. Mom was just joking, but I am sure she meant well.

I am actually thinking of getting into a culinary school, not really to become a chef, but to improve my culinary skills and to know how to plate foods. Whenever I cook foods, I oftentimes take pictures of it to be shared in two food memes I belong to, and I usually apologize for the not so good plating. As they say, part of a great eating experience is the vision, and I am hoping I could learn how to present the foods that I cooked.

But of course, if ever I decide to enter a chef school in the future, I wouldn't dismiss the dream of being a chef, too! Who knows, I might just have my own restaurant. Hmmm... having a pasta restaurant sure is good, right?

*** Jenn ***

{picture in this post - That's me with chef Pixie Sevilla-Santos. Last month, my siblings and I attended a culinary event in Gateway Mall, and upon seeing chef Pixie, we didn't hesitate to have a picture with her. Such a nice lady she is.}