Wednesday, September 24, 2008

J = Jollibee

Bro & Jb

Jollibee Spag and Chix

If you would ask any Filipino about a Philippine Icon, for sure Jollibee would be included in the top 10. From its humble beginnings as an ice cream parlor back in 1978, it has become one of the most successful food places here in the Philippines. To date, they have 600 branches all over the Philippines (and still growing), and several branches overseas including USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Saipan, and Brunei.

Like most people my age, I grew up loving Jollibee. Actually, this bee is so popular, that no matter which branch you enter, you'll always see a jam-packed branch. Kids know this bee, that just seeing his face, they would surely know his name! Whenever we're there to eat, I always order their Spaghetti + Chicken meal, paired with peach-mango pie and a glass of iced tea. I don't consider their chickenjoy the best I have tasted, but it's really delicious. Their spaghetti has always been a favorite.

The first picture was taken 06 March 2008, when my siblings and I went to Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. Normally, I won't take pictures of the mascot outside the store (every store has that mascot), but when my brother posed and I could see the Vigan Cathedral behind, I went on to take the shot. The spaghetti chicken meal on the other hand was taken 26 July 2008, when the family went to this very big market to buy some seafoods. Before going home, we went to eat our very early dinner at Jollibee near the market.

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Dulce said...

I now know JOLLIBEE too!
Your brother looks very happy and the food below tasty.

Tere {Blessings in Life} said...

I have a Jollibee mascot too Jenn! Happy Wednesday!

Nedekcir said...

I always like looking at your photos in every blog. So, I am giving you an award. here it is

nina said...

Never heard of this.

shoshana said...

LOL. I posted Jollibee too!

Brian said...

Well worth a vist, food looks good.

Anonymous said...

Perhap the hive will take over that big M.

Miss_Yves said...

I have never heard of "jollibee"!
Thanks for sharing !
Miss Yves

Miss_Yves said...

I have never heard of "jollibee"!
Thanks for sharing !
Miss Yves

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l couldnt think of much with a am amazed at everyones inspiration

Reader Wil said...

Now I know what a Jollibee is! Lovely photos! Thanks for showing.

mrsnesbitt said...

The meal looks very exciting! I am hungry now.
Thanks so much for sharing!

Bear Naked said...

Jollibee does look very jolly.
That food looks delicious and has just reminded me that I didn't eat breakfast so an early lunch is what I will have today.

Bear((( )))

'JoAnn's-D-Eyes'NL said...

Hello I am always interested in Philipino's whatever foods Jollibee sounds great to me, nice post!

visit me:

fortuitous faery said...

yehey...paborito kong bubuyog! may litrato din kami dito:

miss igorota and jollibee!

Gordon said...

Jollibee; that's a new one for me too. Thanks for sharing.

kouji said...

i was waiting for someone from the philippines to post about jollibee. :D

man, i miss their food. :( need to have some chickenjoy delivered!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Jollibee is new to me! That was fun!