Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wow... Just Wow!

I recently took photos of our messy fridge, and I swear I would never ever do that again! The messy fridge immortalized by my camera was a bit hard for me to bear, and if not for the yummy foods inside it, I would have never posted it in my blogs.

Anyway, like I have said in that blog entry, we cleaned up the fridge after seeing the pictures. And whenever we clean up the fridge, we make sure we use that super absorbent towels, but the one we are using is about to retire now. We truly need something like ShamWow Towels because these towels are really a wonder tool to be used in cleaning. The way they absorb water is so superb, and because our fridge needs to be defrosted, all we have to do is to put the towel on stand-by and just check on it time to time to squeeze out the water.

The ShamWow towels aren't only for fridge, it can be used in just about anything that needs cleaning, and I sure hope we can get some for ourselves before our towels retire. What I like about the ShamWows the most is that it doesn't harden when dried out after cleaning and that it won't scratch surfaces, making it a good cleaning tool. When I see something like this, I will surely grab one for myself, so the next time you see a picture of our fridge, it'll be squeaky clean and no longer messy!

*** Jenn ***