Sunday, September 07, 2008

Professional Agents

The mall is a great venue to take different pictures, but whenever I am at the mall, I am oftentimes greeted with different real estate agents giving out flyers and leaflets to the mall shoppers. I am often times wondering how they get to be like that, I mean, do they attend seminars before they can get to be one?

I found out that there's actually a school (Nouveau Riche school) that offers classes for those who want to become real estate agents. Isn't it nice? Before, people just attend seminars and they're off to their new chapter in life, now they can actually attend school! That's really wow! =) I wonder if I can enter just like that and be a Nouveau Riche person myself!

But I am not really hoping to be a real estate agent. I am just interested, that's all. And part of that wondering was thinking how their classes could be like -- if it's going to be like a real school or something. Hmmm... truly, the professions people wanted to have is slowly coming their way. Maybe next time, there would be a course for different kinds of professions that aren't really available in normal colleges and universities!

Hopefully, this Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College will be available for everyone all over the world. All of us needed shelter above our heads, and of course we wanted to have the best house we can have. It's just true that the agents should have great training and great knowledge about their craft. And who knows, these houses might be the next things I could take pictures of! =)

*** Jenn ***