Sunday, September 07, 2008



These starfishes were quite hard to spot at first, but when I saw my cousin holding some starfishes, I started wondering where he was able to get it. He said that they just lie by the shore, so I immediately got back on shore to check them out. Because the starfishes looked kinda pale, they seem to get lost by the sand, but upon closer look, they really just do "swim" by the shore!

I was told that the starfishes die a few minutes upon taking them out of the water, so I didn't get some anymore and just be contented with the picture. As my Uncle Pete would say, all things in life has a purpose, and if we take the starfishes out of the shore, then its purpose will no longer be served.

This picture was taken 10 August 2008, in Bolinao, Pangasinan.

*** Jenn ***

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i beati said...

this picture is such fun - treasures

babooshka said...

Not an obvious one so a good choice.

Müge said...

Hello Jenn,

Your uncle Sam is right! And congratulations for your photo because it's really difficult to capture these fish! I also like very much your "Who am I" text. I'm not a professional photographer neither but I followed an elementary photography course and bought myself one of these expensive digital SLRs. However, when I started to take photographs, I soon understood that the most important thing in photography is to learn to "see" and to make "a good composition". You can take wonderful pictures with a simple camera, much better than someone who has a professional camera, the secret is to have a "clever eye".

Friendship from Istanbul/Turkey,

Müge said...

Oops I'm sorry ... I had to say "your uncle Pete" ...

Lilli & Nevada said...

Great shot of the starfishes

Misty Dawn said...

What a neat picture! Starfish are so neat, and I wish I were at the beach right now to find some ;-)