Monday, October 27, 2008


Last week, I was in my dad's hometown and I met up with my cousin, who's currently working as a salesperson in a pharmacy. She has a nursing degree, but failed the board exams, so right now, she cannot practice what she was trained to do. She was hoping she could enter a review center to help her prepare for the next board exams, so right now, she was trying to earn enough money to sustain that.

If I was her, I would consider being a medical assistant. With her knowledge in the medicine and health care, I am sure she would make a good medical assistant. Over at St. Augustine Educational Services, they offer online study programs, so my cousin would surely work and study at the same time. I checked their medical assistant program details and they have so many programs to choose from. These programs are certainly a big help for people who wanted to become medical assistants - or people who are helping doctors in any given field. Of course, even if you say it's just office work, still, it would be nice if you have some knowledge about the things you're doing. Correct?

If I will be able to talk to my cousin, I will tell her about this medical assistant school so she can have many alternatives to her chosen career path. If she's still waiting for the next board exams, then at least she can still make use of her knowledge, as well.

*** Jenn ***