Sunday, October 05, 2008

For the Future

I remember, when the Olympics came to Atlanta, I have hoped to come to the place as well. At that time, I still head over heels in love with the Russian swimmer Aleksandr Popov and I really hope to watch him swim or at least take pictures of him. Other reasons to go to Atlanta would be checking out that big soda factory. =)

With the current economic crisis in the USA, I am sure lots of people are becoming more aware of how important work is. Because I am from the Philippines, I personally still hasn't felt the tension, but we all know that if the USA would have economic problems, every country in the world would be affected with it, too.

I now wonder how is my former online buddy John is doing now. He doesn't live in Atlanta, but he lives near Atlanta. We have lost communication, but whenever I hear the place Atlanta, I cannot help but to think of him. Is he affected by the crisis? I sure hope not, because it would be really tough for anyone to lose work and have that bad feeling of not having to "function."

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Nowadays when times are rough, we all really need to think of our future. May it be for ourselves, or for our family, we certainly have to do all we can to ensure of brighter days ahead.

*** Jenn ***