Sunday, October 05, 2008

LRT Ticket

LRT Ticket

First time to join Emerald Sundays. For my initial entry, I give you my LRT Ticket. LRT (Light Rail Transit) is my means of transportation when I met up with my dear friend Dee-Jay exactly a week ago. From EDSA Taft, I took the LRT to Vito Cruz to buy his request - a McDonald's Big Mac Meal before meeting him at the New Solanie Hotel in Leon Guinto.

The ticket prize is much expensive in the LRT than the MRT (Metro Rail Transit), but just the same, both rails provide cheaper means of transportation to the people. Compared to the bus, jeepneys, and the taxis, it's much practical to ride the train, but of course, all people think of that, so when you ride one, be prepared to get squished and all that. One thing I have learned is to never enter a filled up train and wait for three more trains. Oftentimes, the fourth train has less passengers inside.

I took a picture of my ticket because I forgot to buy a stored value ticket, and I cannot take this one home because the gates eat up the tickets upon exiting.

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emerald Sundays said...

I have tried LRT a long time ago...back in 1991. I feel so old when I say that. I was 18 and on my way to the states. It was fun and sort of scary.

Thank you for joining Emerald Sundays.

bertN said...

I am missing out on this LRT rides. I should go home and try it.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

LTR a full contact ride huh? Nice shot.