Friday, October 03, 2008


Certainly in most businesses, there comes a point when people question the credibility and stability of the company. I have raved about the Nouveau Riche University in some of my posts here in the blog, but not everyone is raving about it the way I do. Of course there are people who says there might be a Nouveau Riche Scam, but really, all people are entitled to his or her own opinion.

The key there is, for people to be vigilant. Most especially in things dealing with finances, people have to be sure where they put their hard earn cash. Whether there's a Nouveau Riche Scam or none, people who would want to invest in Nouveau Riche have to learn how to search and research. With so many ways of getting information, people don't have any reason not to be ignorant about a life changing process they wish to take. If you ask me, whenever someone was"victimized" by someone or something, they are partly to be blamed about it because they didn't do their research.

If you're interested in Nouveau Riche and would like to know details about it or investigate on the so-called Nouveau Riche Scam, just click on the links. It wouldn't hurt each and everyone of us if we would try to learn things we want to learn about. At least we won't have any regrets about it, right? But as I have checked on it, I think this university is good. Well, they wouldn't be published in a magazine if they're not good, right?

*** Jenn ***