Thursday, October 02, 2008

To be Featured

Aside from photography, one of the things that interest me would scrapbooking. It was just a sad thing that I haven't done any scrapbook layouts for the longest time, but as soon as I get myself a desk, I promise to be back at it. Anyway, whether as a scrapbooker and / or a photographer, I dream of being published. Why not? Being published is one great morale booster and is a great way to send the message across.

I am sure this is how the people from Nouveau Riche University feel when they were recently published in a magazine. Being a university that helps students to learn more about real estate and entrepreneurship, it was certainly a great thing that a magazine recognized their efforts. Putting myself in their shoes, I would definitely feel so happy about it as well. For those who want to read some excerpts from the magazine, you can check it out in the Nouveau Riche University blog, as read for yourself how awesome this University is for doing what they are doing.

I salute everyone especially the CEO of Nouveau Riche University, Jim Piccolo for helping people reach their dream and become not just great real estate entrepreneurs but great individuals as well. I think, when a person is well learned and has a great future ahead, he or she is becoming a great individual as well for helping their families get a better life, too.

As for me, I think I still have a lot to learn both in scrapbooking and in photography before I can be published. But as they say, all hardships bear sweet fruits. I am taking my baby steps; I know I can get there in my own sweet time.

*** Jenn ***