Wednesday, December 03, 2008

T = Tarsier


Last month, I was asked by an online buddy if I would want to go on a 10-day holiday. The online buddy is a British person who has been to the Philippines last year, and wanted to come back and have a companion. My friend has been to Bohol, but I haven't been there yet, so the friend agreed to come back to Bohol for my sake (so sweet).

On our second day in Bohol, we did a tour in some key places in the province, and our last stop was the Tarsier Sanctuary in the town of Loboc. Considered as the smallest primate, this animal is considered as one of the things associated with the province. Currently, it is on the list of the many endangered species, but people in Bohol are trying their best to preserve a jewel like this.

Just a few weeks ago, I read in Yahoo! News that scientists have been looking for this animal and was able to find one in Indonesia after how many years... I found that weird because the tarsier has been visible in Bohol for many many years now. Oh well, maybe it was a different specie.

*** Jenn ***


mirage2g said...

A good looking tarsier!!! :D Muy guapo! (sali na din ako!) - Mirage

mrsnesbitt said...

Wow! How fascinating! ABC Wednesday brings the world to our doorstep!

Pia K said...

That's just adorable beyond words!! Such a sweet wee thing!

Bear Naked said...

A TERRIFIC choice for the letter T.

Bear((( )))

dyosa said...

wow! 10-day vacay in Bohol. Lucky you! Cute talaga ng Tarsier. :-)