Sunday, March 01, 2009

Greetings From La Union

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I left Manila at 10:15PM last Friday - I was hoping to get a ticket for midnight so I could reach Baguio City around 5:30AM, but upon getting my ticket, I found out that the only available trip was the 10:15PM trip. I took it, and reached Baguio City at 4:30AM. For the first time in a long, long time, I wore a jacket as it was so cold.

I watched the Grand Street Parade in the morning then met up with fellow Shutterbugs Ferj and Michael around lunch time. Then Ferj and I went to Tam-Awan Village. If not for Michael, I would have never known about the place, so big thanks to you, Michael!

After the visit to the Village, Ferj and I killed time in Burnham Park. He uses a very great DSLR camera with great lenses, so taking pictures of people in the park was so easy for him, and it did give us lots of things to laugh about. At 4PM we parted ways and I took the bus going to La Union. It was so great meeting you Ferj and Michael!

This morning, I visited two churches - the one here in Bacnotan and then I went to Luna Church. I then went to San Fernando City to eat lunch and afterwards I watched the Drum and Lyre Competition, but I didn't finish it... the people were becoming too restless and taking pictures of the competitors was becoming hard, so I decided to head home - but not yet, as I was here in an Internet Cafe. After this post I will walk home.

Tomorrow, I have no schedule, so I might go to my aunt's house in the barrio to take pictures of the corn and tobacco fields, just like last year's. For that I need to send my cousin a text message, so she could stay in the house to meet me up.

Will blog again tomorrow.

*** Jenn ***