Sunday, March 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Paborito!

72/365 - Second Birthday

Last Friday, our dearest cat Paborito turned 2! Yey! We have four cats, but he's our favorite. This black cat is very gentle, very sweet, and very huggable! Last year, he celebrated his birthday in a hush-hush moment because our neighbor died, but this year, not only did we get him a nice "Dulce de Leche" cake, we also got to greet him with gusto.

Here's to more happy years with you, dear kitty cat! Love yah so much!

*** Jenn ***


floreta said...

how cute. that looks yummy (it is human right?). happy birthday!

Laarni said...

oh, come on!!!!!! :P

Bryan said...

Hmm, I wonder what he wished for. A new toy? Catnip? Perhaps a warm sunbeam in which to nap?

Babooshka said...

Happy snd birthday kitty and enjoy.

Dianne said...

he's looking right at his candle! happy birthday!!

i beati said...

Happy celebnration of life and many chasing running rolling hiding dreams Sandy

Manz said...

He is Gorgeous!!
Spoilt :)

I have 2 cats - both black.
Both adopted, so we don't know their birthdays. They get spoilt everyday anyway!!

fortuitous faery said...

how adorable! you give birthday cakes to your cats! :P