Monday, March 16, 2009


Today's Flowers


After a long break from sharing flowers on Today's Flowers, I am making a come back. There are only three Mondays left for this month, so I decided to post flowers taken from neighbors for these three Mondays.

I am one of those photo enthusiasts who took part of Project 365, and because I only stay at home, taking pictures on a daily basis has been at times a difficult thing to do. I was walking around the neighborhood after a rainy day and saw these flowers by the fence of one of the neighbors and thought the raindrops on the petals looked lovely. It was cloudy and I used my cell phone for this so it's not really clear and sharp. My apologies.

*** Jenn ***


Arija said...

A lovely rain drenched shot, most appealing.

guild-rez said...

Love the raindrops n the flower..very nice picture.