Wednesday, April 15, 2009

M = Man-Made Forest

Man Made Forest

The Man-Made Forest is located in the boundary of Bilar and Loboc towns in the province of Bohol. In November 2008, my friend K and I went to Bohol and was able to see the beauty of the place. Lots and lots of mahogany trees planted by the people living in the area to prevent soil erosion. It took quite a long time before the place became as beautiful as this, but as you can see all the efforts were paid off. Not only did they help the environment, it has also become a wonderful landmark.

*** Jenn ***


Mariamellie said...

lovely road, would love to walk along the road under the trees..perhaps at the end of the road I would meet Edward Cullen?? =)

Gordon said...

Their efforts certainly paid off; what a wonderful place.

Mara said...

I love how it seems the trees are all meeting in the middle. Beautiful!

Babooshka said...

This man made forest is so beautiful. I would not have known it was created. Goof choice.

Jay said...

That really is beautiful! The arch of the trees meeting across the road is stunning!