Friday, April 24, 2009

Sky High

107/365 - Sky High

A picture I took nearly midnight last Friday. I met up with new friends I got to know from an online forum, and after eating late dinner, we all went to Metrowalk, a place lined with restobars. At the center of Metrowalk was a place for people who would prefer to just hang outside, and that's where we stayed at. While waiting for the bucket of beer, I looked up the sky and saw this building.

I set the ISO of my camera to 3200 because if I don't, this whole image will be just black. It's a very noisy image, but I like it. Slightly monochrome.. but not really, as there were blue lights in the building.

After just 5 minutes of taking this picture, the rain fell...hard. Good thing there was a space for us inside the restobar where we stayed until around past 2AM.

*** Jenn ***


Anonymous said...

That's a building, quite high! heh?
Good thing you had shelter.
Mary Elizabeth @ Now and Then

Hildegarde said...

Good that you looked up (a true skywatcher): it makes an mighty impression of the dark.

Guy D said...

Wow is that ever a great perspective of that tower, great shot.

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures

Louise said...

I love this shot. It reminds me of Gotham City or something like that.

B Squared said...

Nice capture, Jenn.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Sort of gives me vertigo!

Anonymous said...

It might be a tad noisy, but it adds to the mystery of the shot! Nice shooting!

bertN said...

Is that smudge or cloud at the SW corner of your photo? Good capture, although in the dark and at 3200 ISO. If I took the picture it would probably be nothing but an annoying blur LOL.

laagan said...

anong building ito? it looks good in fairness. Di ko maalala kung saan ang metro walk...san nga ba yan?

Kit said...

Wow, did you have a tripod? Without one, I'd never get a shot in such low light. (At least with the camera I have now.) Cool picture, thanks!