Friday, May 15, 2009

Bird's Eye View

Enchanted Kingdom

Last Sunday, I was one of the lucky bloggers who took part of the Magikalympics in Enchanted Kingdom. It was such a great day to bond with 49 other bloggers here in the Philippines, and greater because our team won the Magikalympics.

After the games, we had some free time to roam around the park, and I rode on the Wheel of Fate (Ferris Wheel) and took some pictures once I reach the top. I really liked the Ferris Wheel, I think I rode it three times! =)

*** Jenn ***


Photo Cache said...

Beautiful birds-eye view of the layout of the park. Kakainggit it seems like there's always a blogger outing there.

Great shot btw.

Carol said...

Great photo, Jenn...I like the soft colors in the sky..

Guy D said...

Wow great shot Jenn, I love this vantage point.

Have a great weekend.
Regina In Pictures

B Squared said...

Congratulations on winning. Nice shot from up there.

Grace and Bradley said...

How beautiful it is, both the sky and the buildings! I wonder what was the game that you all are playing?

CTG Ponies said...

What a great view!!

Erin said...

happy friday jenn.
lovely capture from the air. have a great weekend.

Arija said...

A lovely shot Jenn.