Friday, May 08, 2009

Harbor Square

Harbor Square

A picture I took along the marina in Harbor Square last April. Before going to the festival grounds for the Aliwan Fiesta, my brother and I met up with our photoblogging friends for a lunch. We took some group pictures before leaving the Harbor Square, so I also took some pictures of the marina. It was a great looking sunny day that lunchtime, yet rains poured towards the night. Still, it was a great fiesta and we really had fun.

*** Jenn ***


Audun said...

Great picture of the harbour. Love the clouds building up in the background

Ria said...

oooh...nice :-) see you again jenn!

Arlene said...

Beautiful sky, Jenn!

Saan ba yan?

Shey said...

Great capture! Love the whole scene, so relaxing. :)

erin said...

a lovely capture jenn.
have a wonderful sunday.