Wednesday, May 06, 2009

P = Pearls


126/365 - Pearls

When I was in fifth grade, my late father was so happy that I got the third honors in the class that he gave me a set of pearl necklace and bracelet. Because I wasn't really into jewelry, I let my mom keep it for me and I will just get it whenever I wanted to use it. While thinking of what to post as my "P" word, I thought of pearls, but have no image in my files, so I decided to take some pictures. There was a power interruption, so I just used the flash light to make my shots.

*** Jenn ***


Babooshka said...

Just love the way you have captured those pearls with the backlight.

Mara said...

What a cool present from your father.

Marie Reed said...

You should be proud of your commitment to the letter p and this meme! Even with a power outage you got your pretty shot! Bravo!

Tumblewords: said...

Exquisite! Perfect post!

spacedlaw said...

Great choice.

Grace and Bradley said...

It is a beautiful strand of pearls, beautiful photographed. You must have a good memory of your father.