Tuesday, March 09, 2010

New Week, New Theme

I am now back from my short vacation... and since I can upload some pictures in the PC, I am happy to get back to the thematic photo hunting again. This week, I randomly chose "jewelry," and here's my share.

234/365 - Earrings

When my sister was around 3 or 4 years old, our neighbor gifted her with these earrings for her birthday. We let her wore it in an instant, and a few years later, she just started complaining about her ears becoming painful. Upon close inspection, we realized that the "cap" of the earrings were already embedded in her ears! Mom didn't want to take her to the clinic (at that time money was way too tight), and she decided to take it out herself. However, taking it out wasn't as easy as we thought it was - and seeing how mom cry because she was feeling my sister's pain (plus the fact that she didn't want to cause more pain to her youngest child) was too much for us to bear as well.

My sister no longer wears this set of earrings, she doesn't want to experience any of the pain anymore.

*** Jenn ***