Wednesday, March 10, 2010

African Beads

My jewelry share for today:

When a photo hunters game I joined in called for an image of "something made of wood," I instantly thought about this - a necklace made of wooden beads sent to me by mail from a Nigerian man I met online. I met him through the chatroom of the social networking site Hi5, and upon knowing I am from the Philippines and that I am a Catholic, he asked for some help regarding the seminaries. When I sent him different articles about the seminaries here in the Philippines, he gave me this necklace as this thank you gift. Well, he didn't become a priest, but currently, he is working for a charitable institution in Nigeria helping out of school youths to get back on track. He and I don't talk anymore (as he is always on the road), but I will always remember his kind gestures and how he helped in praying for my intentions.

The one in the picture is my sister. I didn't know how to take a picture of the necklace, so I asked her to model for me. If you're a friend of mine in Facebook, you will see the whole album there.

*** Jenn ***