Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Day 01 - What They Do

I decided to revive this blog, and since I just joined The Joy of Love class, I am sharing the pictures I took in this blog.

The class runs for the entire month of February and there will be different prompts everyday. Needed for the class are - camera, people (or pets) you love, and the love for photography.

Joy of Love - Day 01


Day 01 - What They Do

At first I thought I will fail on the first day of the class. A silver lining came nearly the end of 01 February; I was about to sleep around 11PM when my brother took out bags of coins he took home from La Union to put into his donation can. My sister immediately asked brother if she could do it instead. Hearing the coins made me get up and join the fun by taking pictures.

I took this one using my cell phone, because my camera's batteries were charging up. Low lit room using a cell phone, I just adjusted the exposure to +2 resulting in too much noise. I processed this through GIMP to blur the background.

The donation can was for a deaf and mute kid who wanted to go to school. Despite his disabilities, he is one intelligent student, and is part of the top group in the class. It would be a sad thing if he won't continue schooling, hence the help through these donation cans. Currently, the can 3/4 full, so in time we know we will be giving back the can to be replaced with a new one.

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maiylah said...

interesting! is this an online photo class?

Jenn Valmonte said...

yes, maiylah... you can click the badge on the side panel of this blog.

Jennifer said...

Best of luck! I am also doing the Joy of Love.