Thursday, February 03, 2011

Day 02 - How They Look

I know students for this class don't have to focus on just one subject, but since I started with a picture of my sister, she will be my subject for the class, unless she is not available. So far, I think I can manage taking pictures of just her, and she is now calling me "sisterrazzi." Hahaha.

The Joys of Love - Day 02


Day 02 - How They Look

This was how my sister looked before she left the house. She was about to meet with former workmates, and I knew she won't be back until late at night, so I asked her to smile for one sec before leaving. Good thing she was happy to smile for the sisterrazzi. :)

My sister is not into lipstick, so I felt her look was sort of incomplete. She really should apply some lipstick to give a little life into her chapping lips, caused by the cold weather. I think I will gift her with a lip balm the next time we go out.

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