Saturday, February 05, 2011

Day 04 - What They Wear

Yesterday's prompt was a bit nostalgic and sentimental for me that I admit shedding some tears as I write my post and share the "then and now" pictures. I am really loving this class, and I am thankful for my scrappy friend Liza - it was through her that I got to learn about this class.

Joy of Love - Day 04 Joy of Love - Day 04
Joy of Love - Day 04 Joy of Love - Day 04


Day 04 - What They Wear

The Philippines is a tropical country, but ever since the year started, weather has been really chilly and at some times, cold. Our house is located near the countryside (though we are still part of a city in the National Capital Region), so even if it's high noon, wind is still quite chilly.

My sister coped up with the chilly weather by wearing this knitted jacket, something my mom bought at a boutique near her office. My sister first wore this when she went to Baguio City (the coldest city in the country) in 2006, left it in our house in La Union, and it was just last November that she was able to bring it home again.

I was chuckling a bit at my sister's outfit - covering her upper body with a jacket, yet wearing a pair of shorty shorts on her lower body. She said it wasn't that cold anyway. Hahaha. I told her I'd take a picture of her about "what she was wearing," so we did a little photo shoot. She just wore a pair of shoes to match the outfit - my sister's not really into showing her bare feet.

Of course, I am a happy sisterazzi just having a sister who is so willing to pose for pictures.

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