Sunday, February 06, 2011

Day 05 - What I Love to Hate

This is a hard prompt for me - I am a person who always see things through rose colored spectacles, and seriously, I dug deep into my little brain thinking what I dislike about my sister.

Joy of Love - Day 05


Day 05 - What I Love to Hate

I thought I won't be able to take a picture for this day, until my sister did this. Growing up, our late father would scold us if we looked gloomy in the dinner table, and would always tell us to respect the food and the people who made it possible for food to come to our table (the farmers, fishermen, market vendors), so we weren't really allowed to feel any negative feeling as soon as we eat our meals. If we felt bad about something, might as well leave the dining area and just eat if we already feel okay.

With that kind of training, I also have embrace the same outlook in life, so I was a bit cross when my sister acted sleepy or something while eating. Actually, it wasn't time for dinner yet - we were still waiting for mom and brother - yet she already ate half of her corn. She said she won't be eating that much anyway and that the corn was her share of snacks, so as long as she didn't touch any of the foods for the main dinner, she wasn't doing anything wrong. I didn't like her "argument," but what can I do?

Seeing me holding a camera (I also took pictures of our foods for my Foodie 365 Project), she asked why I still haven't taken pictures of her for this day. She knew she is my subject for the class, and I told her I just took a picture of her. As much as I love doing photo shoots with my sister, I also love taking candid pictures. :)

She may not embrace the kind of discipline our late father imposed on us, of course I still love her. Her imperfections makes her unique, and it makes her the sister whom I just love with all my heart.

*** Jenn ***

ps - While writing this one, my sister was eating her breakfast and I saw another thing I dislike about her: her love for eggs. She can eat one egg everyday, and I get a little icky when she slurps the yolk. She loves her sunny side up with yolk still runny, I prefer mine cooked thoroughly. Her taking pleasure of eating the runny yolk gives me goosebumps! :)