Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Day 08 - Gift(s) From the Heart

Our family wasn't into material gifts. Growing up, I really had to tell my parents that I will hang a sock in our Christmas tree because I hoped Santa Claus would fill it up with presents. My parents did fill it up, but as I get to learn that Santa Claus was just a representation of the joys of giving, I still would hang a sock and everyday I would bug my late father about it so he won't forget. Even during birthdays, we don't really give gifts - for us a greeting, a kiss, and hug were already more than enough, but at times our parents would just give us money so we can buy what we want as a present.

When I read that Day 08's prompt was about gifts, I really had to think how to present my take, and gladly I found this:

Joy of Love - Day 08

Joy of Love - Day 08


Day 08 - Gift(s) From the Heart.

Like I said, we were not much into material gifts, but one Christmas day, sister gave each of us a present, and she gave me this quarter moon decor. I was really touched when I received this - my sister really knew I love quarter moons, and she just added a piece to my collection. This was quite tall to be with my other pieces, so this one I put on our kitchen cabinet. It was my way of having the sky inside our kitchen / dining room.

Well of course, underneath that material gift comes the much deeper gift my sister gave me: her care and love. Her recognition of my collection, and the way of knowing I would be happy to receive any quarter moon stuff was something that really melted my heart. The love my family is giving me is a soul food that keeps me living.

*** Jenn ***

ps - Another gift from the heart... while I was taking pictures of sister, brother came out of our terrace holding a LED flashlight and aimed the light towards my sister. He said it might look cute to see the shadow of the moon (see picture 2), and he held it as I took the pictures. Now that's really touching. I didn't ask him for any help, yet he came out to give ideas and help. I really have the best family in the world. Their way of supporting me and my everyday take on the lessons for this class was a gift I will keep in my heart.


maiylah said...

having a family that loves and cares for you is the best thing in the world!