Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Day 07 - Generations

As I have told yesterday, we don't have any living grandparents anymore and some of our relatives live far from us, so this was my best bet of presenting this prompt.

Joy of Love - Day 07


Day 08 - Generations

Mom got married at age 29. Although she gave birth to brother just 10 months after she and dad got married and she had me a year and four months later, sister came to our family quite late - just two weeks before parents celebrated their 11th year anniversary. When I was in high school, I realized how difficult it was to cope with generation gap, because mom and I didn't seem to jive with most things. If I had problems back then, imagine how much difficult it was for sister to cope up with the gap.

When daddy died nearly four years ago, mom became the head of the family, yet somehow she was more relaxed, and as time passed she became more of our friend than a parent. All of us in the family are now adults, so in a way we have leveled, and we have caught up as far as POVs are concerned. We can share stories with mom... we laugh together, we discuss matters together, and we carry on with life without dad together.

I took this picture after we ate dinner. While I wash up the dishes, I asked them to fix themselves because I would take pictures of her. My mom rarely smiles in front of the camera, so doing the first part of the shoot wasn't really that good. When I asked them to do this pose, I think it came out really well. I took this in mom's bedroom, and yes, I had to stand in the bed to give myself a bit of height to frame them.

I am very happy that my family are supporting me in doing the JOL class. My family is really the best!

*** Jenn ***