Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day 15 - Kiss

Joy of Love - Day 15

In the morning, my sister and I went for a jog in the neighborhood plaza, and when we got home, mom was already about to leave for work. My sister doesn't really like cuddling the cats, so the only way of doing this prompt was to take a picture of her and mom. Sadly, my sister looked awful coming home from a jog, so when my sister told me she will meet up with friends later at night, I just decided to do the shoot when mom comes home so both of them would look "presentable."

Party for tonight was canceled, and since I was the cook for tonight's dinner, I wasn't able to ask them for a picture while mom's make up was still on. After dinner, I asked them for "kiss" shot, and I did like this picture... too bad it was blurred. I do love my new camera, but I hate it that it would change focus if I move it.

Joy of Love - Day 15 Joy of Love - Day 15


Day 15 - Kiss

I did take a few more pictures, but it was difficult for them to re-create the blurry picture. While checking the pictures in my netbook, I noticed that my sister's skin didn't look good because it was oily and she didn't do anything (not even a pat of baby powder) before the shoot. I asked her for another shoot, but because my memory card is inserted into my netbook and my netbook didn't want to eject it, I just used my cell phone to capture the two other pictures.

It's always fun to take pictures of my mom and sister. Now that my mom has her own Facebook account, she is bugging me to upload the pictures so that other relatives and her friends can see the pictures, too. I still haven't done that, but I will later tonight, as I still have quite a lot of tasks to do.

My sister and I always greet mom good morning by kissing her cheeks or her forehead. Hugging her and kissing her cheeks every so often (like when we are all in the house) is our way of expressing how important our mom is. Actually, even if we meet her at the mall, we would hug and kiss her cheeks and we won't mind if people could see us. :)

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Halie said...

I really love the last photo.

I invite you to join Photography Basics over at Shutterscapes. I hope that you can join me on March as we all go back to basics.

Thanks. =)