Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 14 - Jewelry

On Day 06, I talked about my sister's ring, so for today the spotlight would be in her other pieces of jewelry.

Joy of Love - Day 14 Joy of Love - Day 14


Day 14 - Jewelry

My sister's bracelet was something her special someone gave to her as a birthday present. On most days, this bracelet is her cell phone's charm, but if she's in the house she would wear it. She is actually afraid to lose it, so she would rather use it as a cell phone charm rather risking it be snatched away from her, especially that she sometimes get home a little late. Her bracelet has three different crosses... I didn't know what it represent, and I didn't know why sis' SO chose this for her, but taking aside the material aspect of it, this bracelet represents the chains that bind them together.

The hoop earrings was something she bought in Baguio City. It's one of her favorite pairs, but whenever she'd wear it I sometimes get scared because it is just easy for some random person to grab it and take it away. I know I am such a worry wart, but okay... she looks pretty when she wears it, so might as well let her.

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Yasher said...

Very pretty! I love both shots!