Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Day 21 - Hands

When I told my sister that the 21st prompt for the Joy of Love is "Hand(s)," she became uncomfortable all of a sudden. My sister isn't really much into showing her hands and feet in pictures, but good thing I was able to ask her to pose for me.

Joy of Love - Day 21


Day 21 - Hand(s).

When sister started working at a restaurant last year, she was first positioned at the pantry. Her job was to cut and prepare vegetables and plate the foods before it gets to the customers. They weren't asked to use gloves (which actually is a good thing, I do think more contamination happens when people use gloves in preparing foods), and since she has to prepare lots of vegetables washing her hands over and over, it started ruining her hands. The biggest culprit was the black mushrooms, which she would soak to rehydrate then squeeze to take out excess water.

She didn't get wounds from it, but the lines in her hands started to fade out. It was so bad that she couldn't do any thumbprints! Good thing the restaurant didn't require employees to time in using biometrics or else my sister will be doomed. Hahaha.

Now that she has resigned, her hands are starting to get some life. In time I know she would be having supple hands again.

This picture I took in our storage area... the only source of light was my brother's LED flashlight. Busted? Nah.. it was staged. :)

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