Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Monday | Siblings

I still am not done re-uploading the photo files I burned in DVDs, so there wasn't much pictures I could check for certain memes I am joining. This week on Happy Monday Challenge, the prompt is "siblings," and from the few pictures I had in Facebook and in Flickr, this was the first sibling picture I found:

365 Strangers - 29/365

Early this year, my sister and I found ourselves a little "addicted" to the soft ice cream being sold at a corner store near the entrance of the neighborhood. Every day, we would walk there to buy a cone of ice cream each, but we didn't want to walk back home with a cone of ice cream in our hands, so we would always stay at the store and eat our cold treat.

Anyway, I found a table for us, and while sister was lining up, I saw these two siblings (their father was with them, so even if I don't know who they were, I knew they were brothers) who were also eating ice cream. The younger brother wanted to tell something, but he felt a little shy to say so because their father was there, so the older brother just leaned over to listen.

This may not be captured wonderfully (I used my cell phone here by the way), but I did like that I was able to capture a nice candid moment.

*** Jenn ***