Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Orange-y's Playtime


Sweet Shot Day

I have two sets of AA Batteries left for my camera, and it was quite unfortunate that I wasn't able to charge the other set while using another, so both of the sets were not available for quite sometime this week. Most people were sharing pictures from Holy Week, and I feel a little left out because I didn't go out to do Visita Iglesia (church hop - a tradition among Catholics here in the Philippines), and I also wasn't able to attend church services because all celebrations were done at the parish church and not here in the sub-parish. I did attend the Easter Sunday mass and we had our own time for reflections and contemplation, so I wasn't as guilty as I should be. :)

Anyway, my favorite shot from last week was this - a picture of my cat Orange-y I took last Sunday. This cat of mine was a bit aloof and didn't want to mingle with the other cats (he's also the one that always love to be indoors and could stay inside the room whole day if we allow him to), so after eating his lunch, he just went to lie on the desk in our terrace and played with this little plush toy. It just looked so cute - a male cat playing with a plush toy, so I quickly grabbed my cell phone to capture it. I set my cell phone's camera to macro, and it took a while for it to focus and capture the shot, and when I looked at the image, I was quite amazed seeing Orange-y sticking out his tongue like that.

I am happy Orange-y is feeling much better now... last week he was having a cold and a flu (well, he was so hot whenever I would carry him and he would just sleep all day and would walk a bit sluggish), and although he still wheezes from time to time, seeing him with so much life makes me a happy mama.

*** Jenn ***