Friday, May 27, 2011

Fabulous Friday | Sunset 052611

Sunset 052611

I really thought I would have to choose another picture from last Saturday for my photo share this week. It rained almost everyday the past week, causing me to stay at home, so I wasn't able to take pictures even if I wanted to.

Yesterday, I was creating and installing the cute little page tabs and cupcake icons on my Food Blog - I Live to Eat! when a friend tweeted, "I just saw the sky turned to dark gray from bright orange, keep safe everyone." Metro Manila was spared from the wrath of the strong typhoon, but because it was too strong of a typhoon, some areas in the northeast part of the country still had some rains. A few minutes after reading the tweet, I looked outside (our front door is always open) and saw a streak of orange in the sky. I quickly grabbed my camera and took this picture.

In April, I got to take the fiery orange sunset color from this side of our house, but the wire fence was blocking the view. Feeling a little gutsy, I took the metal ladder and climbed to its topmost step and took this picture (I zoomed my camera 8x, by the way).

I feel really blessed seeing this awesome sunset colors, because about 10 minutes after taking this, the rain fell.

*** Jenn ***