Friday, May 06, 2011

Live Every Moment | Green


Our very tall macopa tree has lots of fruits now, but because we couldn't get the fruits, they just fall off the ground, and everyday, I found myself sweeping off the flattened fruits (well, there are vehicles passing by the street). This afternoon, I remembered a meme featuring "green," and I decided to take a pause on the sweeping and take a picture before it gets darker and darker.

I first took a picture of a hibiscus' bud (no flowers yet, just all green), but it seemed lame. I tried to find another bud, it was a bit high so pulled the stem downwards, and surprise surprise... I saw a baby grasshopper!

Taking a macro shot at dusk was way too difficult, so I turned on the flash of my camera to give a little illumination (I set my camera to -2 exposure, 1/2000 shutter speed, -2 flash power, 80 ISO), and I liked how it came out, though I still don't like the fact that the flash of my camera is in the middle - the light bounces off the lens of my camera! The past point and shoot cameras I used produces awesome images when the flash is on (it somehow sharpens the images and freezes the moving subjects good), but with this camera, it just sucks having the flash on.

Good thing this little critter is a very willing model - it didn't move that much while I struggled how to position my camera. This picture, I am linking up to Fabulous Friday, too.

*** Jenn ***