Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Photo Hunt Challenges | May 2011

First up, I would like to say thank you to the judges of last month's hunt because 8 out of 12 pictures were chosen as favorites in different categories. Big thanks!

It's the first of June now, so here's my take on the May 2011 hunt:

01- Wind

01. Wind
31 May 2011

Quite difficult to photograph something that is not seen by the naked eyes, but yesterday when mom and I attended the wedding of one of our neighbors, the photographer asked someone to hold the veil as high as he could and asked him to drop it so it would create some sort of a drama. The wind was able to hold the veil long enough for people to take pictures of the veil before it hit the ground.

02- Sprout

02. Sprout
10 May 2011

I first placed the tomato seeds in one container, and when the seeds sprouted, I transferred each seedling in small growing pots. As of this writing, the tomatoes are big enough to be transferred in bigger pots. Hooray for growth!

03- Fresh

03. Fresh
01 May 2011

Sister and I went to the Sidcor Weekend Market, and since I had my camera with me, I was able to photograph these eye candies! Now, where's the vinaigrette? :)

04- Vibrant

04. Vibrant Colors
15 May 2011

Just one of the many, many awesome colorful house display during the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban, Quezon.

05- Unique

05. Unique
07 May 2011

Sister and I attended a children's party, and one of the games the kids play was this - them holding an illustration board and on the host's cue, they'd draw shapes until they complete the face image. Since the kids couldn't see what they were drawing, it resulted to different funny looking faces, but one big reason why I chose this to be my "unique" picture is because... nobody is perfect, and even if some of us have things to be considered funny, we all have one unique thing in us that makes us truly one of a kind.

Echoing a Backstreet Boys' song, "What makes you different, makes you beautiful."

06- Wet

06. Wet
15 May 2011

Rice sprouts sprinkled with water - something I took during the Pahiyas Festival.
07- Lines

07. Lines
21 May 2011

After the event sis and I attended at the Enderun Colleges, we walked to the Venice Piazza in McKinley Hill to take pictures. I wanted to take a picture of the place, but sister was sitting near the fountain, so I just asked her to pose.

Anyway, I guess this picture depicted quite a lot of lines - vertical, horizontal, even curvy lines because of the water in the fountain.

08- Spring

08. Spring Activity
06 May 2011

There is no spring here in the Philippines, but I guess the idea of "spring" is when everything comes out... including animals. Well, I don't normally see hoppers in the garden, so I guess this critter coming out is a signal of spring.

09- Reading Material

09. Reading Material
21 May 2011

The library of Enderun Colleges.

10- One Point Perspective

10. One Line Perspective
11 May 2011

Sis and I went to visit ten churches this day, and one of the churches we visited for the first time that day was the San Sebastian Church in Manila.

11- Juicy

11. Something Juicy
14 May 2011

This has to be the one prompt I wasn't able to take a picture of... but seeing this picture I took last 14 May while visiting the "Kamay ni Hesus" shrine in Lucban, Quezon made me think this might pass as "something juicy." Well, juicy being the apple Eve was offering to Adam.

Whew! So thankful I was able to hunt all images. To view other takes, please head to the Photo Hunt Challenges website.

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